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The Amazon Prime Air Drone Takes to the Sky | Videos

Amazon Prime Air Drone
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Nearly two years since first floating the idea of aeriel store-to-home delivery, we are now getting our first up close look at the Amazon Prime Air Drone as it takes to the sky. Brought to us by the team at TechCrunch, the update comes with some new photos and two videos of the drone in action, complete with a look at the customer app that confirms your yard is ready for the delivery as well as what the drone sees as it zeros in on its delivery zone. Obviously there are plenty of technical and regulatory hurdles left for Amazon to climb and roll-out is still undetermined, but at this pace you should expect your bulk toilet paper delivery by drone in the very near future.

Amazon Prime Air Drone-0

Amazon Prime Air Drone-1

Amazon Prime Air Drone-2
Amazon Prime Air Drone-3

Amazon Prime Air Drone-4