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Vitesse AuDessus Gives the Ferrari F12tdf Carbon Fiber Make-over

Ferrari F12tdf
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Ferrari models have always been considered high-performance, drivable works of art. But for fans of the Ferrari F12tdf, Vitesse AuDessus can make the already exclusive, luxury vehicle even more rare. The concept itself is simple, but its execution is dramatic: swapping out every panel and piece that can handle it - including the engine bay and cabin - with lightweight carbon fiber. Even the wheels get a carbon fiber make-over, working with the rest of the pieces to save over 350 lbs. over its stock kin. Each body kit, which can be done up in any colorway, including this black with red tint, can also be swapped out in the future for a hybrid or completely stock look. The kit is available now, along with plenty more options from Vitesse AuDessus for other high-performance vehicles.