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VSCO Teams Up With NikeLab ACG for an Exclusive Preset

VSCO Teams Up With NikeLab ACG for an Exclusive Preset
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NikeLab resurrected ACG a year ago with a radical context shift, in which the apparel, footwear and gear was now intended for use in the city, an environment that Jarrett Reynolds of Nike Design calls "the ultimate landscape." Referring to its "microclimates," Reynolds goes on to say that "you may be biking through the freezing rain one minute and then jockeying for space in a stuffy subway the next." The Holiday 2015 NikeLab ACG collection is designed to negotiate those different situations, featuring goods that are designed to move, protect and adapt. To celebrate the launch, NikeLab has partnered with VSCO to create an exclusive preset for today's urban explorers. The preset is made for use in the unique atmosphere of the city, and you can download it free for iOS and Android through the VSCO app. Follow NikeLab and share your own images with the VSCO community using the hashtag #ACG.

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