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The Latest Apple iOS 9.2 Update Syncs Photos to an iPhone Straight from a Camera

iOS 9.2
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Although many don't blink an eye at accepting the brand's terms and conditions or approving an update, those who took a minute to scroll through probably saw a gem tucked in among a host of Apple iOS 9.2 updates for iPhones and iPads released today. Arriving alongside an Arabic Siri and Apple Music fixes, iOS 9.2 now supports an Apple Lightning-to-USB Camera Adaptor cord to connect their phones directly to SD Card readers - both new and old - allowing photographers and videographers to shoot photos and videos from their main device and import them directly to their iPhone. After connecting, your phone will open up its Photos app, allowing you to choose the format and the items you want to import. Pretty slick. Thanks, Apple. The adapter is now via the Apple Store for $29.


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