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Go Off the Map with the Hilux AT44 6x6 Arctic Truck | Video

Hilux AT44 6x6 Arctic Truck
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While four isn't necessary better than two, you can't deny that 6x6 is always better than 4x4, especially if you're chosen terrain is the frozen tundra. Built to not only withstand, but own the arctic, the Hilux AT44 6x6 is outfitted with a 3.0-liter diesel engine that pushes 171 horses to the six wheels, each with tires measuring 44x18.5x15. Given the sheer distances we're talking about in these regions when polar expeditions are underway, the Hilux AT44 6x6 also has a monster 550L fuel tank and a 2,000 kg load capacity. And, last but not least, the bed of the truck is outfitted with an available modular design that allows for additional shelter or customizations, as selected. Check out the Hilux AT44 6x6 underway in the video and images below.


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