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Just Sit in Awe of this 7,500 Brick LEGO Millennium Falcon

LEGO Millennium Falcon
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Weighing in at 22 pounds, totalling 7,500 bricks, and measuring nearly 3 feet long, this LEGO Millennium Falcon - just like its film inspiration - looks to be not holding anything back. After a year of effort, LEGO enthusiast Marshal Banana presented the Star Wars design, which includes lights for the engines, top/bottom mounted gun turrets, and a functional cockpit and boarding ramp. Not cutting any corners, the inside is wall-to-wall LEGO with some wiring to support its structural integrity while its exterior also matches the different color plating from the film. There's even a rectangular radar dish replacing the one lost in Return of the Jedi. This model even surpasses LEGO's official design, which at 5,000 pieces, is actually the brand's largest kit ever sold. See plenty more angles of Banana's detailed design below and visit his Flickr page to check out his other projects.

7,500 Brick LEGO Millennium Falcon-1

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7,500 Brick LEGO Millennium Falcon-2

7,500 Brick LEGO Millennium Falcon-3
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