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The Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable for the 12-inch Apple MacBook

Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable
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While the new 12-inch Apple Macbook ushered in a lot of new advancements for the lightweight, yet powerful laptop, one thing it didn't bring was the brand's quick release MagSafe power connector. A feature that saved your life likely more than once, it's now back with this Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable, which is now available for pre-order. The USB Type-C connector is on its way to becoming the most powerful of all the USB ports, leading Griffin to design and deliver the new power cable, offering their own patented quick-release magnetic connector plugs into the existing port that will disconnected when stressed. Launching this spring for $40, you can learn more about the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable here.


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