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All Gone 2015 Documents the Year's Most Cop-worthy Streetwear

All Gone 2015
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For the last 10 years, La MJC has been sending off the previous year with an in-depth look back at the year's most sought-after streetwear in all of its glorious flair. For their tenth installment, All Gone 2015 covers all things rare, interesting, and popular from our beloved street culture, covering the hardback bound book with the usual graphical style inspired by one of 2015's most-seen prints, designed by Swiss creative Philippe Cuendet as a tribute to the city of Paris. (If you look close, you'll see the shapes and numbers that make up Paris' eight districts.) Pre-orders begin January 8 exclusively via their online shop with the official launch beginning January 23 marked with a signing at colette.


Release Date: 1/23/16 (Saturday)

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