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DJ Khaled Is the King of Snapchat

DJ Khaled Is the King of Snapchat
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Even before DJ Khaled took to Snapchat to chronicle how he got lost in the Port of Miami aboard his jet ski earlier this month, the superstar producer had already staked a claim as the social networking personality of the moment. He commands a viewership numbering 2 million for his Snapchats, and the first 500,000 sets of those eyeballs are drawn within the first 5 minutes of a new posting. DJ Khaled recently talked with TechCrunch about his newfound online fame, explaining that the digital overnight success was actually 25 years in the making. And he leverages those decades of experience to dole out advice, through makeshift proverbs that he calls the "keys to success," with subjects ranging from dietary tips to the importance of skin care. Check out the full article here.