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BMW Unveils i Vision Future Interaction Concept

BMW Unveils i Vision Future Interaction Concept
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At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BMW debuted the i Vision Future Interaction concept, an autonomous driving roadster based on the i8 Spyder concept. Inside the futuristic design is a dash-mounted 21-inch panorama display, which functions as a massive entertainment system when the vehicle is in self-driving mode, as well as a high-tech instrument cluster packing a three-dimensional display. It reveals all the pertinent driving data, including details about vehicles on the road that aren't in the driver's direct field of vision. More high-tech features include the AirTouch gesture control system, allowing the driver and passengers to use gestures to control the panorama display. It effectively makes all buttons on the dash obsolete. For the driver, there's a unique drive mode selector switch that with three different options: Pure Drive mode for a traditional driving experience; Assist mode that prevents a potential collision when one is detected; and Auto Mode for a fully autonomous driving experience.