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The Kodak Digital Super 8 Camera Snaps Digital and Film Pictures

Kodak Digital Super 8 Camera
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With cassette tapes, vinyl records, and turntables all seeing a retro resurgence, the next logical step comes with the release of the Kodak Digital Super 8 Camera, which brings Super 8 film back from the dead. While your smartphone and a few apps can snap retro-looking pictures, this Kodak camera actually does both announcing at this year's CES that it can help revive traditional filmmaking with the ease of digital technology. The camera is still currently in prototype phases, but more than 30 years after they stopped production, Kodak will again facilitate producing the Super 8 film reels from SD cards joined with a digital copy of the footage. There's no official price out yet, but it's pegged between $400 and $750, which is perfect for students and videophiles alike to enjoy film for the first time.

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