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Behold the DMC Mercedes-AMG G63 Zeus

DMC Mercedes-AMG G63 Zeus
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DMC Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon Zeus-1

If for some unGodly reason the stock Mercedes-AMG G63 isn't man enough for you, then behold the latest take from the talented German tuner, DMC. An interesting combination of power and styling, the DMC Mercedes-AMG G63 Zeus features a full carbon-fiber wide body kit that not only makes it even wider, but lighter thanks to a new front grille, hood, rear diffuser, front lip, and fenders. Under the hood, the Zeus delivers 867 HP thanks to a retuned V8 twin turbo engine, adding more than 40 HP to the models rolling off the lot. No pricing details were released as part of the show and tell, but given the model, you can expect a hefty price tag for the complete package.

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DMC Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon Zeus-2

DMC Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon Zeus-3
DMC Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon Zeus-4

DMC Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon Zeus-5