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The adidas Ultra Boost Turned into Gold Sculptures

adidas Ultra Boost
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adidas Ultra Boost-1

A perfect canvas, the adidas Ultra Boost saw a strong 2015 and 2016 looks to be just a good. Especially when we see the lightweight runner transformed into sculptures and touched with gold. Curated by the team at Kenlu, the all gold adidas Ultra Boost leads a trio of looks inspired by two of Asia's biggest marathons: the Beijing Marathon and the Taipei Marathon. While it's hard to match the shine of the gold model with its silver dipped liner, the floral touches on the other two white models with their own hits of gold are equally lux. What do you think of these commemorative one-offs; would you be bold enough to wear if they hit the shelves?

What do you think of this adidas Ultra Boost with Yeezy Tooling?
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