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Mercedes' IAA Concept Makes Its Stateside Debut

Mercedes' IAA Concept Arrives at CES With New Tech
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Mercedes-Benz took to CES 2016 to show off its IAA Concept, a futuristic four-door coupe that's also an aerodynamic world champion, carrying a drag coefficient of 0.19. It made its U.S. debut at the Las Vegas event, featuring a shape-shifting body that's activated at speeds over 80km/h (50mph), after which flaps in the front bumper extend by 25 millimeters, and eight segments extend at the rear to increase its length by up to 390 millimeters. There are also "Active Rims" that alter their cupping from 55 millimetres to zero, and on the inside, a User Interface and User Experience Design that deliver graphics and animations that are said to be "on a par with the quality of Hollywood films."

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