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The ALL GONE Decade Boxset Celebrates 10 Years of the Game's Finest

ALL GONE Decade Boxset
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There aren't too many things printed these days worth your shelf space, but you need to make way for this just-released ALL GONE Decade Boxset. Curated to celebrate the endeavour's 10th year in publication, this set not only brings together the 2015 Edition, but also a "best of the best" of the last 10 years all in one volume. Entitled, "All Gone: A Decade of Street Culture's Finest," LA MJC does all the leg work for you, reminding us of the game's top talent, styles, trends, and influences, which all pave the way for the future of the industry. All Gone Decade is a limited edition only, with pre-order available now ahead of its January 23rd ship date.

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