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Don't Miss the Two New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailers

Batman v Superman
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If you stuck around during the commercial breaks during the NFL Wild Card match ups yesterday, you know we were treated to two new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailers. As the biggest battle in the history of the DC Comics universe draws closer and closer, the tension between the two superheros can't get any higher as Batman charges toward Superman in his Batmobile before asking, "Do you bleed?" Batman answers the question for him, "You will." The two 30 second spots also see Affleck's Superman equally boiling with hatred and anger toward the caped crusader, even at a black-tie event held by a young Lex Luther. The film premieres March 23, finally settling the age-old comic book battle for good.

Take a look inside the new Batmobile
And see the second full-length trailer for Batman v Superman