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The Acura Precision Concept Points Toward an Exciting Design Future

Acura Precision Concept
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Acura Precision Concept 2016 - Front 3-4

Whatever your native language, the new Acura Precision Concept should speak to you not only about the future of style, but also vehicle technology. On display at the Detroit Auto Show this week, Honda's premium line is demonstrating where the future of their design is going, boasting a "Diamond Pentagon" front grille, jewel-like LED headlamps, and massive 22-inch five-spoke wheels. Although it has a sleek look from the side, head-on you'll see muscular fenders and a defined rear end, accented with sharp exhaust tips. Inside, you'll find thin leather seats set around a new digital human-machine interface and a floating wide screen infotainment system that uses a touchpad in place of the usual physical buttons. All in all, a very different, yet bold approach from Acura. Let us know what you think about their new design; are they on the right track?

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Acura Precision Concept 2016 - Rear 3-4

Acura Precision Concept 2016 - Front
Acura Precison Concept 2016 - Profile

Acura Precision Concept 2016 - Interior
Acura Precision Concept-6

Acura Precision Concept 2016 - Jewel Eye Constellation Headli