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The Deus Ex Machina Two-Up Yamaha Motorcycle Gives a Classic Workhorse a New Look

Deus gives a forgotten Yamaha TW 225 a rugged edge
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Image via: Deus

Image via: Deus

Remember that 1999 movie where a high school jock takes a bet that he can turn an unattractive girl into the school's next prom queen? While that film may have bombed and there was no betting here, Deus Ex Machina hit it big with their Yamaha TW 225 make-over, effectively turning a forgotten workhorse into one of their best projects yet. After removing excess weight, coating it with a classic all-over black paint job, and installing a new suspension, the shop's Jeremy Tagand proceeded to rework its engine, including a new header, SuperTrapp muffler, and a new High flow K&N filter. The look was then finished with alloy accents and a new subframe able to hold a new EasyRider seat. Oh, and don't forget the fact that two is always better than one, especially when it comes to head and tail lights. Check out plenty more angles of the project in the gallery below.