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The KP Duffle is the Ultimate Travel Bag

Built to perform as awesome as they look
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Image via: Keep Pursuing

Image via: Keep Pursuing

If you're going off-road, you get an SUV or a 4x4. When you run a marathon, you get some lightweight runners. When you're travelling like a pro, you pick up the KP Duffle. Now launched on Kickstarter, the KEEP PURSUING (KP) Duffle offers a design that offers an innovative shape that is also built to perform as awesome as they look. While other bags on the market have a square or cylinder shape, the KP Duffle was designed to evoke the same emotion you get when you see a Ferrari cruising down the highway. With custom features like a ventilated shoe compartment, utility hatch, internal mesh pockets, and waterproof zippers, this 24-liter bag is chock-full of awesomeness and is airline compliant. Plus they used super high-quality, scratch proof PU materials so it will last a really long time. This is up for support now on KICKSTARTER, so check it out in more detail in the gallery below.