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The REMOVU P1 Provides Remote GoPro Viewing and Control

Be a one-man action crew with your GoPro
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Image via: REMOVU

Image via: REMOVU

In the air, sea, and land, GoPro video recording gadgets took off in 2015, providing everyone from snowboarders, watersports, to back-yard drone operators a chance to share intense footage with their friends. The latest advancement in at-home action with the GoPro line is the introduction of the REMOVU P1, a device that brings Wi-Fi live viewing and remote control to a user’s wrist. The wrist-worn device gives users the ability to see what their GoPro sees, replay scenes, and control basic camera functions. The REMOVU P1 is waterproof and rechargeable, providing up to 3 hours of play time. The REMOVU P1 is out now for $79 online.