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The VSCO Mobile Photography App Surpasses 30 Million Users

Is the Oakland brand the next Instagram?
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Image via: VSCO

Image via: VSCO

If you haven't already heard of VSCO and their photo editing software and companion app, chances are that you will very soon as the Oakland-based brand just hit 30 million active users. A direct competitor or a compliment to the ubiquitous Instagram - depending on how you look at it - VSCO has seen dramatic growth following a big infusion of investment cash over the last two years. While they are still a ways off from Instagram's 400 million users, the brand is making quite the impact with their impressive range of filters and editing options that turn your boring snaps into semi works of art. According to VSCO, the majority of their growth has been in China, taking only 9 months to add another 10 million accounts, but their sights are onto so much more. To help guide the growth, VSCO also announced a former Adobe chief, Bryan Mason, to take the helm as COO as the brand looks to grab a stronger hold on the growing mobile photo market.