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How Nike Engineered Tech Knit

Nike's production algorithm combines empirical insight with thermoregulation research
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Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

We've already seen the finished pieces that incorporate Nike's new revolutionary Tech Knit fabrication. Now, we examine the behind-the-scenes process that led to the creation of this latest innovation, which begins with athlete insight. Both professional and everyday athletes have a need for garments that respond to fluctuating body temperatures and different activity levels. This realization acted as something of a starting point for Nike engineers, who looked to the athlete's average day to provide a blueprint for their ultimate design. 

To engineer apparel that offers both warmth and breathability for more than 14 hours of movement, Nike designers collaborated with yarn specialists, computer programmers and knitting machine technicians to develop the next generation of technical knitwear. They combined cotton and nylon to create a new performance yarn, featuring an emphasis on rich texture and surface structure, followed by experimentation with different stitches and wefts to achieve the optimal knit, which is hand-finished. 

Nike's Tech Knit collection is the product of an established algorithm, which combines empirical insight -- including extensive travels to tap into global culture and current trends -- with thermoregulation findings, all of which results in a progressive blend of form and function. Nike's Tech Knit collection launches in stores beginning February 4.