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The Philips Power Potion 3000 Delivers a Recharging Elixir for your Devices

An unassuming battery pack for on-the-go recharges
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Image via: Catherine Wong for PHILIPS

Image via: Catherine Wong for PHILIPS

If their goal was to create a unique recharging device that is as small as it is innovative, it's pretty safe to say that the Philips Power Potion 3000 hit the mark. While not to be confused with something you take before a heavy lifting session, the effect it will have on a drained Apple iPhone is equally effective, delivering at least one full charge when you need it the most. Best of all, its aluminum cylinder-shaped body has a soft touch finish that fits in the palm of your hand, interrupted only with a capped lightning port on one end and USB and mini-USB ports on the other, with LED lights that display its own power reserve. The Philips Power Potion 3000 is in development now, with colors to match your device in the works. See the gallery below and see more of Catherine Wong's concept on the Behance site for more.