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A Detailed Look at Y-3 Footwear from Paris Fashion Week

Clean, minimalist sneakers that leave a new footprint
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Image via: Y-3

Image via: Y-3

We've already taken a look at highlights from Y-3's Fall/Winter 2016 presentation from Paris Fashion Week, and now we shift the focus from the apparel to the footwear. Taking place last Sunday at the intimate underground space known as Entrepote Eiffel, the runway show tapped into Y-3's signature minimalism and '90s rave culture, presenting a contemporary take on sport style . The footwear complemented the garments, which emphasized a darker, more aggressive aesthetic with lean, elongated and powerful silhouettes. There were new and refined takes on the now-classic Qasa and adidas Boost, while also offering new, futuristic models with minimal construction and non-traditional seaming. The result is a cleaner, faster, modern shoe silhouette that leaves a new footprint.