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The Fluance Fi70 is the Bluetooth Speaker for Audiophiles

Go big or go home
Image via: Fluance

Image via: Fluance

Canadian audio company Fluance has released the Fi70 Bluetooth speaker, billed as the first wireless speaker to house dual 8-inch drivers. If nothing else, it may be the the world's most heavy Bluetooth speaker, weighing in at 81 lbs and featuring those aforementioned 8-inch drivers, along with dual 5-inch glass fiber midrange drivers and dual 1-inch neodymium tweeters. Capable of replacing complete home audio systems, the speaker's 280 watt built-in amplifier delivers bass response as low as 30Hz. Features include an auxiliary input, touch controls, digital AM/FM radio, LED display, USB port and high-quality aptX Bluetooth streaming. Priced at $500 and available in three colors, the Fluance Fi70 can be purchased here.