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The Last Ever Land Rover Defender to Roll off the Line

Full specs and exclusive pictures
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Images via: Autocar

Images via: Autocar

It may be the 2,016,933rd Land Rover Defender to roll off the line at the Solihull production plant, but seeing as it is the last, it is as important as the very first one made a staggering 68 years ago. Finished on January 29, 2016, Land Rover designed this model to be as close to the very first Series as possible, including its 93-inch wheelbase, Grasmere Green colorway, and right-hand-drive with a soft-top. The original 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel is also under the hood, finished with the H166 HUE license plate and leather throughout. This last Huey will be kept as part of the Land Rover Heritage Collection where it will wait along with the rest of us for its successor to arrive in the 2018 model year.