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HTC Announces Pricing & Release Date for its Vive VR Headset

More expensive than the Oculus Rift, but loaded with more features
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Image via: HTC

Image via: HTC

At this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC revealed pricing and release details for its Vive virtual reality headset. The $799 price includes includes the headset, two wireless controllers with haptic feedback and two location sensors. The Vive is largely unchanged from the version first revealed at last year's Mobile World, though now there's a new ergonomic headstrap design. There's also Vive Phone Services, which lets you send/receive calls and text messages and view calendar notifications without having to take off the headset. Additionally, a front-facing camera makes you aware of objects in front of you, and the Vive's wireless controllers have also been improved with the addition of dual-stage triggers. Pre-orders for the Vive will start on February 29th, and orders will start shipping in early April.