A History of the Low-Top Basketball Sneaker

The rise of the low
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Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

In decades past, the high-top sneaker was virtually synonymous with basketball, as the taller height was believed to provide the sort of ankle protection that's imperative to the quick-cutting athletes on the hardwood. It was a hidebound belief that's just recently changed, as "small ball" has become increasingly de rigueur in the NBA. The opening salvo in the low-top revolution was sparked by Kobe Bryant and Nike designer Eric Avar, who created the game-changing Nike Kobe 4. Suddenly, the low-top basketball shoe had become a silhouette to be reckoned with, if for no other reason than the game's premier player was now sporting a low. Head over to Champs Sports' blog The Drop to learn more about the rise of the low-top basketball sneaker.