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DJI's Phantom 4 Drone Can Avoid Obstacles and Track Moving Subjects

The smartest consumer drone money can buy
Image via: DJI

Image via: DJI

Can a drone be sexy? According to DJI, its new Phantom 4 is the sexiest drone that the company has ever designed. It's a glib way of saying that the flagship consumer drone is smarter and faster than ever. Among the most notable technologies is obstacle avoidance, or what DJI calls the "Obstacle Sensing System," incorporating dual front-facing cameras and a pair of sensors on the underside that allow the device to fly around impediments to its trajectory. And if it can't fly around an obstacle, it will hover in place while waiting for the next command. 

The other major feature, dubbed ActiveTrack, turns the Phantom 4 into something of an independent videographer, following the subject wherever it goes. It's activated through the DJI mobile app, through which the user taps on a subject, instructing the Phantom 4's camera to stay on the subject, keeping that person or object centered in the frame without the need for a ground-based GPS/location device. 

Finally, "TapFly" allows the user to tap on a location on the video stream, subsequently sending the Phantom 4 to the selected site while using the aforementioned Obstacle Sensing System. The camera itself is upgraded with new optics, so images should appear a bit more sharp. 

Priced at $1,399, the DJI Phantom 4 is available starting today through the DJI store.