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The Lamborghini Centenario Makes Knees Weak in Geneva

Bringing 770HP to the big show
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Image via: Lamborghini

Image via: Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Centenario debuted in Geneva today, marking 100 years since the company founder Ferruccio was born. The Aventador SV-style vehicle was dressed to impress in all carbon fiber with an aggressive stance highlighted with a wider rear wing. The interior was equally impressive with a 10.1-inch touchscreen with internet capability and built-in telemetry software tied to two outboard cameras. The 6.5-liter V12 engine with 70HP can also officially hit 62mph in just 2.8 seconds, before topping out at 217 mph. Lambo has plans to make just 40 of these models; half coupes, half roadsters, but all with a $1.9M price tag. Check out our gallery to see more and make sure to check out the rest of our Geneva Motor Show coverage.