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The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Looks Forward to the Next Century

"Alive Geometry" tailors the car to the driver's style
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Image via: BMW

Image via: BMW

To celebrate their 100th birthday, BMW looks ahead to their next centennial with the introduction of their BMW Vision Next 100 Concept. Beginning with a special event on March 7 attended by 2,000 special guests and watched by employees around the world, BMW unveiled their vision for what cars of the future will look like, do, and perform for us, including the ability to switch between autonomous and human-driven modes and change to meet the driver's needs via a flexible "skin." This "Active Geometry" also appears as the wheels turn causing the bodywork around them to stretch and contort while triangular scales inside display colors to warn the driver of upcoming dangers and other information. You have to admit this concept is wild, but hats off to BMW.

See more images of the Vision Next 100 Concept in our gallery below and continue to see the videos released along with the reveal.