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The HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

Constructed to match Damascus steel
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Image via: HYT

Image via: HYT

HYT has introduced their Skull Bad Boy watch with a look and design that fits the timepiece's rough name. Constructed with a new material designed to mimic that used in knives and samurai swords, Damascus steel, the Skull Bad Boy sees HYT work to shape the unusually patterned metal into an ominous skull shape. Only 50 of these watches will be cast and, given the design process, no two will ever have the same pattern. Inside, sculpted glass capillaries carry fluid around the centerpiece to tell the time in what would seem like an easy process, but was actually one that took years to develop. The price for one of the HYT watches is equally bad: 90,000 CHF. Read more via HYT.