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An Inside Look at adidas' "Future Capsule" Exhibition in NYC

A glimpse at a better future
Image via: adidas

Image via: adidas

Last night, adidas Originals held a special event in honor of "Future Capsule," featuring a total of 10 artists offering their personal interpretation of what a better future could look like. The exhibition, displayed at the New Museum in New York City, showcases original pieces from Mars, Eric Hu, Yung Jake, Mischa Khan, Arvida Bystrom, Phillip Annand, Caleb Hanne, Nick Thomm, Lucia Santina Ribisi and Emmanuel Olunkwa. The different artistic media included photography, painting, digital art and soundscapes, spanning three levels at the New Museum and enjoyed by media, consumers and local tastemakers.  

The Future Capsule art installation is an extension of the recently launched Future campaign from adidas Originals, a year-long initiative focused on introducing new franchises and design updates to iconic silhouettes. The exhibition continues on to its next stop in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 10, at the Seventh Letter, and will run through March 13th.