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An Advanced VR Headset for the Apple iPhone in the Works

IonVR targets Fall 2016
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Image via: IonVR

Image via: IonVR

Don't worry if you haven't heard of the IonVR yet - we're talking very cutting edge here with mobile VR technology. While they aren't the first - think Google Cardboard of the Mattel View-Master - IonVR's mobile virtual reality headset uses a proprietary optics system called "MotionSync" to not only enhance the VR experience, but reduce the negative side effects may feel. The interchangeable, upgradeable modular system currently utilizes their own lenses, an accelerometer, and processor inside the headset to deliver crystal clear images. The IonVR system is available for pre-order now with shipping expected soon. Check out the video and our gallery below to see more.