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The Nike Zoom Superfly Flyknit Is Specifically Optimized for Sprinter Allyson Felix

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Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Olympic gold-medalist Allyson Felix will be going for more gold hardware in the upcoming Rio Games. She'll complete in the 200- and 400-meter sprints, where negotiating the track's curve can mean adding or shaving crucial milliseconds, representing the difference between winning gold or silver. With that in mind, Nike has employed an unprecedented level of prototyping to create Felix's spikes, the Nike Zoom Superfly Flyknit, which debuted at yesterday's Nike Innovation 2016 event. Analysis from Nike's Sports Research Lab (NSRL) was combined with computational design by the company's designers and pixel-level stitch placement by its Flyknit engineers, while even more data was gathered from perception testing and feedback from coaches. The spikes' key elements of strength, fit and flex were engineered to Felix's specifications and biomechanics, using a custom last and a plate made with 3D print prototyping to align with Felix’s stiffness preference. Meanwhile, a custom Flyknit upper complements the plate's advances by reducing volume and weight and, for the first time in a sprint spike, extending to three-quarter height, supporting a larger potion of the foot for fluidity of motion.