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PUMA Teams Up With Swash London on a Print-Heavy Collection

Bold prints and basketball inspired styles
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Image via: PUMA

Image via: PUMA

PUMA has collaborated with acclaimed fashion house Swash  London to release a Spring/Summer 2016 collection injected with bold and whimsical prints, rendered on some of PUMA's most iconic styles. The apparel side is inspired by the sport of basketball, highlighted by Swash's Samovar print on both the unisex Varsity Jacket, appointed with soft lambskin sleeves, and the unisex Basketball Tank, featuring a throwback loose-fitting silhouette. The footwear side of the project features the PUMA Blaze of Glory and States Mid, both featuring a leather build with unique hand painted designs. Expect the collection to hit select retailers beginning April 1.

Release Date: 4/1/16 (Friday)