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The Casio Pro Trek PRX-8163YT 60th Anniversary Model

Celebrating the first Himalayan ascent
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Image via: Casio

Image via: Casio

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of the Manaslu Nepalese Himalayas, Casio has just unveiled a very special edition Pro Trek PRX-8163YT watch. The eighth highest mountain in the world, the Japanese team that complete the feat in 1956 inspired designers to coat the Prestige Line watch with a special diamond-like carbon coating that has a rich black color and a luminous coating for night time visibility. There's also a commemorative coin case back noting the 14 peaks in the 8,000 meter class and it's equipped with the Triple Sensor Version 3 to measure direction, atmospheric pressure/temperature, and altitude. Only 300 of these watches will be produced, each with its unique serial number engraved on it, all available now.