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Reebok References Allen Iverson's Divisive Persona With the Question Mid "Misunderstood"

An ode to the polarizing athlete
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Image via: Reebok

Image via: Reebok

Even his most ardent fans will admit that Allen Iverson was a polarizing figure. You either loved or hated him; there was no in-between. His admirers were drawn to AI's talent, skill and style. His detractors were turned off by his braids, his tattoos and his brash attitude. Those opposing forces inspire the new Question Mid "Misunderstood," which is printed with newspaper headlines and other notable quotes about the basketball icon, both positive and negative, in stark black and white. Retailing for $129.99, the kicks launch Friday, April 1, through select Reebok retailers and online.

Release Date: 4/1/16 (Friday)