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The Microlino EV Revives the BMW Isetta

A tiny car with a grand vision
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Image via: Mircolino

Image via: Mircolino

The Isetta first hit the streets in 1950's Italy before coming under the BMW umbrella. With a small footprint and a fan base to match, the concept never really took off, but that hasn't stopped designers from toying with updates. The latest effort comes courtesy of Switzerland's Micro Mobility Systems who have created the Microlino EV concept, measuring up at a mere 2.4 meters long and weighing in at less than 400kg. With space for only two, its aim is obviously for those looking for a better solution for congested city streets, but its foldable canvas roof add a nice sporty touch. Will be the Microlino's time to shine? Check out the video and photos below and let us know what you think.