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The Singer Design Porsche 911 North Carolina

Restored and reborn
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Image via: Singer Design

Image via: Singer Design

Cars touched by the Singer Design team aren't just restored, they are reborn. Their latest example comes with this reimagined Porsche 911, which is actually based on the Porsche 964. As with other Singer works, you get the best of old world class blended with new age technology with details so simple they're incredible. Each car, which is reskinned with carbon fiber panels - is made to order with a 4.0-liter 6-cylinder engine paired with a six speed trans, an Ohlins suspension, and a Brembo braking system. Inside, four black leather touring seats await. See more of the Singer Porsche 911 North Carolina and its Blood Red colorway in our gallery below and hit the Singer site to learn more.