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Hennessey's Ford Mustang V8 Carbon Fiber Makeover

Plus a 2.9-liter HPE750 supercharger for 774 HP
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Image via: Hennessey Performance

Image via: Hennessey Performance

If for some reason you believe that your Ford Mustang V8 just doesn't deliver the goods as fast it should, Hennessey's new performance and styling kit should be on your wishlist. Cutting to the chase, Hennessey installed their 2.9-liter HPE750 supercharger upgrade to the mix, allowing this pony to produce 774 HP and 648 lb-ft of torque, enough to top out at 208 mph. Visually, their new CarbonAero bodykit works with a coilover suspension, the requisite bigger brakes, and Hennessey's own lightweight H10 wheels to make us swoon. Take a look at the finished product below and let us know if this would unseat the Ford Mustang GT350 on your list.