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Tinker Hatfield Says He Wants to Design a Shoe for Stephen Curry

A missed opportunity for the Swoosh
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Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

It's a great what-if scenario: the creator of numerous iconic Nike sneakers designing a shoe for the most lethal offensive weapon playing in the NBA today. Sadly, it's virtually guaranteed that Tinker Hatfield will never get to work with Stephen Curry. (It's a story outlined in a fascinating ESPN article describing a disastrous 2013 pitch meeting between apathetic Nike execs and Curry. Not only did a Nike official mispronounce Stephen's first name, a PowerPoint slide featured Kevin Durant's name, presumably an accidental holdover from a previous meeting.) Even as Curry is now the driving force behind Under Armour's basketball-shoe business, Tinker Hatfield discloses he would jump at the chance to collaborate with the future two-time MVP. He tells GQ, "I would love to design a shoe for Steph Curry. I think he's an amazing player and I love watching him perform, and certainly he would be right up there in the top of my list as someone I'd love to work with."

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