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Apple Commissioned This Dutch Company to Build 500 Tables for Its New Campus

Intended to promote communication and collaboration
Image via: Design Milk

Image via: Design Milk

We've seen that the construction of the Apple 2 Campus is rapidly taking shape. And while media attention has been mostly drawn to the structure's exterior, we now get an inside look at an interior object that's intended to promote natural communication and collaboration among Apple personnel. That fixture is a custom-made table by a 112 year-old Dutch brand, Arco. The family-run company has been commissioned to make 500 tables, each measuring 18 feet long, 4 feet wide and weighing in at 660 lbs. These massive Pod Island Tables use continuous sheets of solid Spesshart white oak sourced from Germany, resulting in a seamless design. Apple hopes the tables will encourage "accidental mingling" among employees within open area "pod," a common open area located on each floor of the Main Building. Check out an interview with Arco's Jorre van Ast here.