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Nike Vision Launches Spring 2016 Running Collection

The new lens technology maximizes coverage and clarity
Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Nike Vision has launched its Spring 2016 Running Collection, marking a new design direction for the future of the brand's eyewear. The sunglasses are designed specifically for runners, featuring a new construction method that seamlessly fuses the lens material with the frame to increase coverage. Nike partnered with industry leader Zeiss, who used precise machinery with diamond-polishing technology to polish the complex lens shape down to the nanometer. The end result is a lightweight, state-of-the-art lens that maximizes coverage while providing optimum clarity. The new styles -- featuring the Vaporwing, Vaporwing Elite, Tailwind and Bandit -- all include responsive comfort that grips when the athlete sweats, as well as flexible arms that conform to the shape of wearer's face. Shop the assortment now at