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HYT Unveils New "Ghost" and "Full Gold" H1 Watches

New fluid developments on dual HYT pieces
Image via: HYT

Image via: HYT

Known for its timepieces powered by a combination of mechanical and fluid mechanics, HYT has developed a complete opaque black fluid, which is introduced in its new H1 "Ghost." Because the liquid doesn't emit or reflect any light, it's virtually invisible in the dark, though Super-LumiNova is able to illuminate the capillary from underneath. This means the H1 Ghost doesn't just display the elapsed time, but also the remaining time up to 6 o'clock. Additionally, HYT presents a limited edition H1 "Full Gold," which also utilizes the new black fluid, but a gold case makes for a completely different aesthetic. Both styles are limited just 50 pieces each.