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Unified Weapons Master Competitors Get Next Gen Combat Armor

The Lorica MkII has force measurement sensors
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Image via: Unified Weapons Master

Image via: Unified Weapons Master

While modern day gladiators fight it out in the newest combat sport, Unified Weapons Master, competitors will have a new set of body armor to help them push the limits of their disciplines. Constructed of carbon fiber and other composite materials, the Lorica Mk II suit is embedded with enhanced force measurement sensors and scoring software for the events battles, which combine advanced technology with traditional weapons and martial arts. UWM brought in six international weapons martial artists to help test the new armor in New Zealand last week, putting the armor to the test with high-impact strikes. The suit includes a base layer with integrated harnessing and cooling, a chassis layer with measurement sensors, and a removable outer layer, which the team from Chiron Global will continue to refine for future large scale events.