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The Reebok Alien Stomper Launches Next Week

Unleash your inner Ripley
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Image via: Reebok

Image via: Reebok

April 26, 2016, will represent the first ever Alien Day, featuring a celebration of the famed sci-fi film franchise begun in 1979 with Ridley Scott's Alien. Reebok is marking the occasion by replicating the distinctive footwear that Sigourney Weaver's Ripley dons in James Cameron's 1986 sequel, Aliens. The Reebok Alien Stomper will launch on April 26th in both High and Mid variations. The latter will be limited to 1,986 pairs as a nod to the film's release year, while the High is limited to 426 pairs, reflecting LV-426, home of the seemingly deserted colony. You can also enter a drawing to win a pair of the Reebok Alien Stompers here

Release Date: 4/26/16 (Tuesday)