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Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 by Bunker Custom Cycles

A tracker style bike with an '80s graphic sensibility
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Image via: Yamaha

Image via: Yamaha

For Yamaha's Yard Built project, the Uzer brothers of Istanbul-based Bunker Custom Cycles went to work on a Yamaha XSR700. According to the brothers, they wanted a tracker style that captured the spirit of freedom as much as possible, using Yamaha's twin motor to deliver the foundation of a build that was both light and agile. After raising the seat position, relocating the exhaust and changing the front wheel to a 19" for all-terrain riding, the guys also added upside-down forks from an MT-09 Tracer, 5.5" aftermarket halo headlamp and a new suede seat that retains the original locking mechanism. There are also new fuel tank covers, side panels, fenders, radiator covers and seat plate. The bike is finished with an understated graphic style inspired by the '80s.