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Bodega's Collaboration With Filling Pieces Is Inspired by Traditional Chinese Pottery

Reminiscent of blue and white porcelain
Image via: Bodega

Image via: Bodega

Boston's Bodega and Amsterdam's Filling Pieces have joined forces create a special-edition Mountain Cut inspired by the blue and white porcelain of ancient Chinese pottery. In past centuries, the European demand for Chinese porcelain reached a fever pitch, a precursor of sorts to the mania that attends the release of limited-edition sneakers. Additionally, just as historical trading ships introduced porcelain to an entirely new audience, Bodega and Filling Pieces are using the Mountain Cut silhouette to introduce traditional Chinese motifs to a contemporary fan base. Priced at $250, the Bodega x Filling Pieces "Ceramic Blue" Mountain Cut launches May 7th at Bodega and

Release Date: 5/7/16 (Saturday)