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East Coast Defender Unleashes the Beast

The Land Rover Defender gets the LS3 engine from a Corvette Stingray
Image via: East Coast Defender

Image via: East Coast Defender

Based in Florida, East Coast Defender has one objective: to build "the best Defenders in the USA." The latest project to be borne of that mission is the Beast, which combines the Land Rover Defender's off-road capabilities with an engine borrowed from a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, allowing the SUV to top 60 MPH in 7 seconds. In order to handle the power of the LS3 engine, the Beast is equipped with Ashcroft drive shafts and axles with limited slip differentials, along with an upgraded braking system and Terrafirma Suspension. Inside, there's an 8-speaker JBL entertainment package, hand-stitched leather seats and MOMO sports steering.